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  • To maintain a record of population stocks and migration flows on an annual basis for inter-censal periods.
  • CSO statistical release, , 11am

    Population and Migration Estimates

    April 2018

       Year ending
     April 2017April 2018
    Net migration19,80034,000
    of which Irish nationals-3,400100
    Natural increase33,10030,500
    Population change52,90064,500

    Population growth of 64,500 in the year to April 2018, the largest annual increase since 2008

    Figure 1 Migration
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    The number of immigrants to the State in the year to April 2018 is estimated to have increased by 6.7% from 84,600 to 90,300 while the number of emigrants declined over the same period, from 64,800 to 56,300 (-13.1%). These combined changes have resulted in net inward migration for Ireland in 2018 of 34,000, the highest level of net inward migration since 2008. See table 1.

    Irish nationals experienced net inward migration for the first time since 2009, rising to +100 in 2018 from -3,400 the previous year.  Net inward migration among non-Irish nationals remained strong, increasing from 23,200 in 2017 to 33,900 in 2018.  See table 2.

    The number of births in the period was 61,200 while the number of deaths was 30,700, resulting in a natural increase of the population of 30,500.  See table 1.

    The combined effect of natural increase and positive net migration resulted in an overall increase in the population of 64,500 bringing the population estimate to 4.86 million in April 2018.  See table 1.

    Other main features of the 2018 figures are: 

    • Of the 90,300 people who immigrated to Ireland in the year to April 2018, 28,400 (31.5%) were estimated to be Irish nationals. See table 2.
    • Of the 56,300 people who emigrated from Ireland in the year to April 2018, 28,300 (50.3%) are estimated to be Irish nationals. This represents a decrease of 2,500 (-8.1%) on the year to April 2017 when 30,800 Irish nationals left to live abroad.  See table 2.
    • Non-Irish nationals from outside the EU continued to display strong migration flows, accounting for 30,900 (34.2%) of total immigrants and 10,000 (17.8%) of total emigrants. See table 2.
    • In April 2018, 49,200 (61.7%) of immigrants aged 15+ had a 3rd level qualification. See table 5.
    • In the year to April 2018 20,100 immigrants arrived to live in Ireland from the UK, 11,400 emigrants left Ireland to live in the UK. See table 3.
    • In April 2018, there were 593,600 non-Irish nationals resident in Ireland accounting for 12.2% of the total population. See table 9.