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Standards Compliance

The Central Statistics Office website is WAI level 2 (Double A) compliant as of July 2008. We have applied all appropriate WAI Priority 1 and Priority 2 criteria of the WAI's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 1.0).

Known Exceptions

  • Our online data dissemination service, Database Direct, is not currently compliant.
  • We are aware that not all pages on the site validate to XHTML 1.0 Transitional. We are working to improve our coding practices to address this issue. However, this will have no detrimental impact on your experience of our website.
  • The site makes use of the Portable Document Format (PDF) format. Certain documents (such as Releases & Publications) on this site are available in PDF format, which requires you to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If you cannot access the information in any PDF document please contact us at 021 4535545 or by e-mail.


This site contains many features to help users with disabilities navigate easily. These include keyboard shortcuts for all major links and special links to enable users to jump over navigation bars to the next item.

This website is designed for maximum accessibility. Frames are not used, tables are only used for tabulating data and images are kept to a minimum and always described in alt text.

Enlarging the Text Size

You can modify the size of the text using the 'Change size of text' feature in the top right corner of the content or form the list of options below:

Small Text (Default)

Medium Text

Large Text

The links above will not work with JavaScript disabled.

If JavaScript is disabled you can resize text using your browser. Please note that the Small Text (Default) style cannot be enlarged using your browser. You can enlarge text using your browser using our Medium or Large Text options, and we recommend this as the template is wider and can better accomodate very large text.

  • For Internet Explorer select Text size from the View menu or hold the Control key and use the scroll wheel on your mouse
  • For Mozilla Firefox select choose from PAGE STYLE from the VIEW menu and chooses an option.
  • If you are using another browser, please refer to your browser help to learn how to resize text

Search Engine

The site has recently been updated with a Google Search engine.

Future Plans

The Central Statistics Office is constantly striving to make our website more accessible. Some current projects in the Office will further improve the accessibility of the site.  These include:

  • Reduced reliance on PDF for publishing electronic documents online;
  • Increased use of accessiblity online forms for the delivery of services;
  • A yearly Accessibility Audit and the addressing of all issues highlighted. Our last audit was carried out in April 2008.


If any user has a problem with an accessibility issue please contact e-Government Section at (+353) 21 453 5681 or by e-mail.