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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Live Register

June 2019

 Live Register TotalSeasonally Adjusted
June 2018228,065220,300
May 2019189,867191,300
June 2019197,108190,100
Change in month-- 1,200
Change in year- 30,957-

Seasonally adjusted Live Register total decreases by 1,200 in June

Live Register seasonally adjusted
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On a seasonally adjusted basis the Live Register total recorded a monthly decrease of 1,200 (-0.6%) in June 2019, bringing the seasonally adjusted total to 190,100. The number of persons on the Live Register in June 2019 is the lowest number recorded in the seasonally adjusted series since February 2008. See table 2(a) and Live Register Series

In unadjusted terms there were 197,108 persons signing on the Live Register in June 2019. This represents an annual decrease of 30,957 (-13.6%) since June 2018. See table 1(a).


Other features include:

  • On a seasonally adjusted basis the Live Register showed a monthly decrease of 400 (-0.4%) for males in June 2019, while females decreased by 800 (-0.9%) over the same period. See table 2(a).
  • On an unadjusted basis, the number of male claimants decreased by 18,708 (-14.7%) to 108,273 in the year to June 2019, while female claimants decreased by 12,249 (-12.1%) to 88,835. This compares with an annual decrease in the year to June 2018 of 25,684 (-16.8%) to 126,981 for males, while female claimants decreased by 14,977 (-12.9%) to 101,084 in the same period. See table 1(a).

The Live Register is not designed to measure unemployment.  It includes part-time workers (those who work up to three days a week), seasonal and casual workers entitled to Jobseeker’s Benefit (JB) or Jobseeker’s Allowance (JA).  Unemployment is measured by the Labour Force Survey.

The Monthly Unemployment Rate (seasonally adjusted) is published in the Monthly Unemployment release