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Census of Industrial Production - Local Units, Regional and County Data


Census of Industrial Production - Industrial Local Units 20161
Nationality of Ownership 
Gross Output (€m)Irish2,6469,3433,2751,7781,87631,988
Persons engaged3Irish13,62229,28319,4848,69813,572133,574
Size Class of Unit4       
Gross Output (€m)Small & medium3,5639,5455,2181,8534,75344,844
Persons engagedSmall & medium14,93925,37619,1438,47113,699128,475
Wages and salaries (€m) 9002,5871,51747395010,807
1 Mid-West, South-East and South-West regions are confidential.
2 State totals include units not attributable to size class or region.
3 Number of persons engaged refers to actual number of persons and not full time equivalents.
4 Small and medium local units employ 249 persons or less while large units employ 250 or more.

Dublin region accounted for 18% of Ireland's industrial output in 2016

Figure 1 Distribution of gross output by region and nationality of ownership, 2016
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The Dublin region accounted for 17.7% or €32.3 billion of Irish industrial output in Ireland in 2016, with Foreign owned enterprises in this region accounting for 71% of industrial output, and Irish owned enterprises accounting for 29%. The Mid-East and West regions reported €15.9 billion and €10.9 billion respectively worth of industrial gross output in 2016. 

In 2016, the Mid-West, South-East and South-West regions combined produced €112.4 billion or 61.7% of Ireland’s total industrial output.

In Ireland 17.6% of total gross output of industrial units was produced by Irish owned units.

The Midland region was the only region who had a higher proportion of gross output attributable to Irish owned industrial units in 2016 at 68.2%. The Border region had 32.7% of total industrial gross output from Irish owned units.

The West region had 17.2% of total gross industrial output from Irish owned units, while the Mid-East region had a rate of 20.6%.  See Headline table and Figure 1.