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Continuing Vocational Training


Continuing Vocational Training 2015
% of enterprises with training courses57%
% of enterprises with any form of training77%
% of staff on training courses50%

77% of all enterprises provided training in 2015

Figure 1 Training by NACE Economic Sector
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Over three quarters (77%) of all of private sector enterprises (with 10 or more employees) provided some form of training in 2015. This ranged from 94% in the Financial and insurance sector to 68% in the Accommodation and food services sector.

Just under half of these enterprises (49%) provided external training courses while three quarters (74%) provided other forms of continuing vocational training (CVT). Of these enterprises providing other CVT, 60% provided planned on-the-job training while 53% provided training through attendance at conferences, workshops etc. and 37% provided CVT in the form of self-directed or e-learning. 

For this release 'all enterprises' refers to enterprises in the private sector with 10 or more employees.