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    These statistics are categorised as Under Reservation. This categorisation indicates that the quality of these statistics do not meet the standards required of official statistics published by the CSO.

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Prison Recidivism

2010 cohort

Offender numbers classified by whether there was a re-offence within three years, 2010 cohort
  Reoffence within three yearsRecidivism1 rate
Total offenders4,2085,1319,33945.1
All persons age group    
<21 years5305351,06549.8
1 See Background Notes.

45% of prisoners released in 2010 reoffended within three years

Recidivism rates by age and sex, 2010 cohort
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This release examines the reoffending behaviour of prisoners released from the custody of the Irish Prison Service in 2010, based on crime incident and court conviction data up to the end of 2015.

The rate of reoffending, or recidivism, for prisoners released in 2010 was 45.1%, a decrease of 2.4% on the previous year’s figure. The rate of recidivism was higher for males (46.0%) than for females (37.8%) and was generally higher for prisoners released at a younger age, with 49.8% in the ‘under 21’ age category reoffending compared to 29.4% in the ’51 and over’ age category. Individuals who had been imprisoned for Burglary and related offences showed the highest rate of recidivism (68.6%). See Table 1

For the purposes of the release recidivism is defined as an individual committing a criminal offence (a ‘re-offence’) within a three year period following their release from prison and being subsequently convicted for that offence. The CSO used a matching process to match prisoners released in 2010 to crime incident and court outcome datasets in order to identify re-offences and re-convictions. Further detail regarding the methods used to measure recidivism in this release is provided in the Background Notes.

The CSO resumed publication of Recorded Crime statistics in June 2015, following a comprehensive review of the quality of Garda Síochana crime data and on foot of the Garda Inspectorate report on Crime Investigation (11th November 2014). The latest CSO review on the quality of PULSE data was published on 28th September 2016 (link below). When interpreting Recorded Crime statistics (including recidivism) the CSO advises that the findings of these reviews should be taken into account.