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Regional Accounts for Agriculture


RegionNet SubsidiesOperating SurplusNet Subsidies as a % of Operating Surplus
Northern and Western582.1907.164.2
Dublin and Mid-East160.1378.742.3
Eastern and Midland315.0596.352.8
State 1,636.73,456.947.3

Net Subsidies accounted for 47.3% of Agricultural income

Regional Accounts for Agriculture 2017 Figure 1
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In 2017, net subsidies accounted for 47.3% of agricultural income (operating surplus) at State level. In the Northern and Western region, net subsidies accounted for 64.2% of agricultural income, in the Southern region net subsidies accounted for 37.9% of agricultural income and in the Eastern and Midland region net subsidies amounted to 52.8% of agricultural income.  See above table, graph and Table 3.

An analysis of agriculture in the regions in the year 2017 shows that:

  • The Southern region accounted for 54.5% of goods output by Irish agriculture.
  • Over 72% of total milk output was produced in the Southern region.
  • Just over 50% of national sheep output originated from the Northern and Western region.
  • The Eastern and Midland accounted for 47.7% of cereal and 56.9% of potatoes output of the country.
  • Over half (51.8%) of all expenses on the items of intermediate consumption were incurred by the farms in the Southern region.
Northern & WesternSouthernEastern & Midland
Operating surplus26.240082678155356.509068062351317.2508492594933
Net subsidies35.563460577535745.187619726012119.2489196964522
Intermediate consumption24.151541663627251.816089744970324.0323685914025
Goods output at producer prices22.168181123167154.507673731664323.3241451451686
Number of farms42.450307450307439.782639782639817.7670527670528
Agriculture area (excluding commonage) 33.016884886597346.063921200068820.9191501394854
Table 1 Regional Agricultural Accounts at NUTS 2 level 2016-2017
ItemNorthern and Western Southern Eastern and Midland State
20162017 20162017 20162017 20162017
Livestock1,028.21,077.4 1,602.91,663.3 808.5849.3 3,439.63,590.1
of which:           
cattle630.1638.0 1,137.41,174.8 521.5548.5 2,288.92,361.4
pigs124.1137.4 223.2258.3 117.9119.9 465.2515.6
sheep127.4132.1 72.374.2 55.756.3 255.4262.6
Livestock products242.4334.7 1,310.91,891.4 304.6440.3 1,857.82,666.4
of which:           
milk203.4292.2 1,294.31,872.3 293.1427.2 1,790.82,591.7
Crops378.4373.8 817.4836.6 570.8589.5 1,766.71,799.9
of which:           
cereals6.37.1 115.2117.0 109.3113.2 230.8237.2
potatoes15.912.6 43.941.8 75.572.0 135.3126.5
forage plants - output244.9245.7 535.4547.8 269.1287.6 1,049.41,081.0
Goods output at producer prices1,649.01,785.9 3,731.24,391.3 1,683.91,879.1 7,064.18,056.3
Contract work - output83.889.6 194.0199.0 83.787.8 361.5376.4
Subsidies on products less taxes on products10.713.9 -5.2-5.5 1.62.6 7.111.0
Agricultural output at basic prices1,743.51,889.4 3,920.04,584.9 1,769.21,969.5 7,432.78,443.7
Intermediate consumption1,234.41,268.6 2,635.02,721.7 1,205.51,262.3 5,074.85,252.7
of which:           
feedingstuffs381.3396.4 620.1684.7 227.4247.5 1,228.71,328.6
fertilisers96.2106.0 287.0277.6 127.6129.4 510.8513.0
maintenance & repairs114.8109.4 231.0243.8 114.2112.9 460.0466.1
veterinary expenses72.168.4 153.1156.6 60.360.9 285.5286.0
energy and lubricants96.2101.8 182.6186.9 96.598.9 375.4387.7
forage plants - consumption244.1244.5 533.9546.2 268.4286.5 1,046.31,077.2
contract work - expenditure83.889.6 194.0199.0 83.787.8 361.5376.4
Gross value added at basic prices509.1620.8 1,285.01,863.1 563.8707.2 2,357.93,191.1
Fixed capital consumption114.8128.6 412.4410.1 281.9299.3 809.0837.9
Net value added at basic prices394.4492.2 872.71,453.1 281.9407.9 1,548.92,353.2
Other subsidies less taxes on production541.9568.2 744.4745.1 314.4312.4 1,600.71,625.7
Factor income936.21,060.4 1,617.02,198.1 596.3720.3 3,149.63,978.8
Compensation of employees149.5153.3 238.5244.7 120.9124.0 508.9521.9
 Operating surplus 1786.8907.1 1,378.51,953.5 475.5596.3 2,640.73,456.9
1 This is calculated before deduction of interest payments on borrowed capital and land rental paid by farmers to landowners.
Table 2 Regional Agricultural Accounts at NUTS 3 level 2017
ItemLivestockLivestock ProductsCropsGoods Output at producer pricesIntermediate ConsumptionGross Value Added at basic pricesNet Subsidies 1Operating Surplus
Value €m588.2221.4218.81,028.4727.0351.3262.9452.0
% of State total16.48.312.212.813.811.016.113.1
Value €m489.3113.3155.0757.5541.6269.5319.2455.1
% of State total13.
Northern and Western (value €m)1,077.4334.7373.81,785.91,268.6620.8582.1907.1
Value €m595.9546.6206.41,348.9874.3539.3253.8612.2
% of State total16.620.511.516.716.616.915.517.7
Value €m468.2469.2336.31,273.7809.0520.8196.6486.1
% of State total13.017.618.715.815.416.312.014.1
Value €m599.2875.6293.91,768.71,038.5803.0289.2855.2
% of State total16.732.816.322.019.825.217.724.7
Southern (value €m)1,663.31,891.4836.64,391.32,721.71,863.1739.61,953.5
Dublin and Mid-East        
Value €m415.3240.0423.51,078.8667.4462.1160.1378.7
% of State total11.69.023.513.412.714.59.811.0
Value €m434.0200.3166.0800.3594.9245.0155.0217.7
% of State total12.
Eastern and Midland (value €m)849.3440.3589.51,879.11,262.3707.2315.0596.3
State (value €m)3,590.12,666.41,799.98,056.35,252.73,191.11,636.73,456.9
1 Net subsidies: Subsidies on products less taxes on products plus subsidies on production less taxes on production.
Table 3 Net Subsidies1 and Operating Surplus by Region€m
Net subsidies 213.9250.9262.9
Operating surplus389.2401.4452.0
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus54.962.558.2
Net subsidies 258.6301.7319.2
Operating surplus393.7385.3455.1
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus65.778.370.1
Northern and Western (value €m)   
Net subsidies 472.4552.6582.1
Operating surplus782.9786.8907.1
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus60.370.264.2
Net subsidies 205.4250.9253.8
Operating surplus432.2449.8612.2
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus47.555.841.5
Net subsidies 162.7202.6196.6
Operating surplus327.8311.4486.1
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus49.665.040.5
Net subsidies 227.7285.7289.2
Operating surplus591.4617.2855.2
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus38.546.333.8
Southern (value €m)   
Net subsidies 595.8739.2739.6
Operating surplus1,351.51,378.51,953.5
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus44.153.637.9
Dublin and Mid-East   
Net subsidies 134.2160.2160.1
Operating surplus293.1298.3378.7
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus45.853.742.3
Net subsidies 130.8155.8155.0
Operating surplus159.9177.1217.7
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus81.888.071.2
Eastern and Midland (value €m)   
Net subsidies 265.0316.0315.0
Operating surplus453.0475.5596.3
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus58.566.552.8
State (value €m)   
Net subsidies 1,333.31,607.81,636.7
Operating surplus2,587.32,640.73,456.9
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus51.560.947.3
1 Net subsidies: Subsidies on products less taxes on products plus subsidies on production less taxes on production.

Background Notes

About this Release            

The Regional Accounts for Agriculture release provides a regional breakdown of figures already published at State level in the Output, Input and Income in Agriculture – Final Estimate release.  Both publications are prepared using similar methodology and definitions of the accounts items, which are described in the Background Notes of the Output, Input and Income in Agriculture release.  

In the absence of the actual regional value data, the values of output and input accounts items at State level are apportioned to each region using a set of appropriate allocators.  Derived variables, such as Gross Value Added at basic prices (GVA) or Operating surplus are then calculated separately for each region.  For example:

GVA at basic prices = Agricultural output at basic prices – Intermediate consumption

Operating surplus =    GVA at basic prices – Compensation of employees 

                              –  Fixed capital consumption 

                              + Other subsidies less taxes on production

The choice of allocator used to distribute State values to the regions varies for each accounts item.  It is, in general, the factor that mainly determines the value of the item.  For example, for cattle output the allocator is the total number of cattle less number of dairy cows in each region; for pigs and sheep output it is the number of pigs and sheep in December of the reference year; for milk output it is the number of dairy cows times the average output per cow in the region etc.

Most of the items of intermediate consumption, such as expenditure on fertilisers, crop protection products, energy and lubricants, maintenance and repairs, veterinary expenses and expenditure on other goods and services, are allocated based on the total expenditures in each region as measured by the National Farm Survey conducted annually by Teagasc.

Due to the indirect nature of the methodology described above more reliance should be placed on the changes between years rather than on the absolute value of the figures for any one year.

The regional results presented in this release relate to each region as a whole.  Thus, the regional values of the accounts items, including operating surplus, are not necessarily spread uniformly throughout the region. 


The regional classifications in this release are based on the common classification of territorial units for statistics established by the Commission Regulation (EU) No 2066 of 2016 (NUTS - Nomenclature of Territorial Units).

The NUTS 3 regions correspond to the eight Regional Authorities established under the Local Government Act, 1991 (Regional Authorities) (Establishment) Order, 1993, and amended by the Local Government Reform Act 2014.  The NUTS 2 regions are groupings of the NUTS 3 regions.

The composition of the regions is set out below:

NUTS 2 Region

NUTS 3 Region

Constituting Counties

Northern and Western


 Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan, Sligo


 Galway, Mayo, Roscommon



 Clare, Limerick, Tipperary


 Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford


 Cork, Kerry

Eastern and Midland 




 Kildare, Louth, Meath, Wicklow


 Laois, Longford, Offaly, Westmeath


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