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Press Statement


13 November 2017

Continuing Vocational Training 2015

  • 77% of enterprises provided training
  • Half of all employees attended training courses
  • Employees spent 19.4 hours on training courses on average
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    The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has today (13th November 2017) published data in relation to training in enterprises in Ireland in 2015. 

    Commenting on the data, Statistician Mary Heanue said: “In the private sector, 77% of enterprises provided training in 2015 and half of their employees attended training courses. Employees spent on average 19.4 hours on training courses, 30% of which were on health and safety.

    In the report, the top three skills to develop for the future were; customer handling skills, technical, practical or job specific skills and team working skills.

    The top three reasons limiting enterprises in providing training were; not enough time, a preference to recruit rather than train and the high cost of courses.

    Of employees attending training courses, 60% were men and 40% were women. Of all male employees, 44% participated in a training course, with 42% of females employees participating.

    In 2015, 2.2% of labour costs were spent on training course activity and half of enterprises assess the outcomes of their training activities”

    For further information contact:

    Mary Heanue (+353) 21 453 5714 or Alan Finlay (+353) 21 453 5211

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