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CSO statistical release, 06 October 2016, 11am

Gross Value Added for Foreign-owned Multinational Enterprises and Other Sectors Annual Results


GVA at constant (2014) basic prices for sectors dominated by Foreign-owned MNEs and Other Sectors
Amount €mAmount €m% change
Foreign-owned MNE dominated43,14486,659100.9
Other 132,483138,3404.4

Multinational sector GVA increases significantly in 2015 while non-MNE dominated sectors growth was 4.4%

GVA at constant (2014) basic prices for foreign-owned MNE dominated and other sectors
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Gross Value Added (GVA) at constant (2014) basic prices for sectors where foreign-owned multinational enterprises are dominant increased by 100.9 per cent between 2014 and 2015. The non-MNE dominated sectors of the economy grew by 4.4 per cent over the same period, resulting in an overall growth rate of 28.1 per cent.  GVA for the non-NME dominated sector in 2015 was 8.2% higher than the equivalent 2007 level.

Of the larger non-MNE sectors, growth was positive in the Wholesale & Retail sector incl the sale and repair of motor vehicles (+7.0 per cent), Real Estate (+3.6 per cent), Administrative and support service activities (+31.2 per cent) and the combined AgriFood sector (+4.2 per cent).

Viewed over the period from 2008, the share of total GVA at constant prices accounted for by the foreign-owned MNE dominated sectors now stands at 38.5% compared to the previous peak of 27.2% in 2010.

The composition of the sectors dominated by foreign-owned multinational enterprises in terms of constituent Nace Rev 2 codes is given in Table 3 of this release. For data at the more detailed 37 sectoral breakdown level, please refer to Tables 21 and 22 of the National Income & Expenditure 2015 publication issued in October 2016. For information on chain linking see pages 1-3, 8-10, 14, 15, 17, 23 and 26 of the NIE Methodology Note 2015 (PDF 238KB)

The data tables contained in this report as well as data for earlier years can be downloaded from the StatBank database service on the CSO Website.
Table 1 Gross Value Added at Current Basic Prices    €million
Foreign-owned MNE dominated37,04042,05741,73840,88443,14493,011
Annual Percentage Changes
Foreign-owned MNE dominated-1.7%13.5%-0.8%-2.0%5.5%115.6%
Table 2 Gross Value Added at Constant Basic Prices (Chain-linked annually and referenced to year 2014)€million
Foreign-owned MNE dominated44,04742,13241,16440,69643,14486,659
Annual Percentage Changes      
Foreign-owned MNE dominated6.9%-4.3%-2.3%-1.1%6.0%100.9%
Table 3 Composition of Foreign-owned multinational enterprise dominated sector and Other sectors*
DescriptionNace codePercentage of 2015 GVA at constant basic prices
Chemicals and chemical products201.2%
Software and communications sectors58-638.7%
Other NACE sectors dominated by Foreign-owned MNEs**18.2, 21, 26, 27 and 32.528.6%
(Reproduction of recorded media, Basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations, Computer, electronic and optical products, Electrical equipment, Medical and dental instruments and supplies)  
Foreign-owned MNE dominated Total 38.5%
“Other” Sector 61.5%
The "Other" Sector includes all Nace sectors excluding those listed  
as part of the Foreign-owned MNE dominated sector above and includes  
Wholesale & Retail sector incl the sale and repair of motor vehicles,   
Real Estate, the combined AgriFood sector and  
Administrative and support service activities.  
* Foreign owned Multinational Enterprise (MNE) dominated sectors occur where MNE turnover on average exceeds 85% of the sector total. 
** Nace Rev.2 divisions 18, 21, 26, 27 & 32.5 are collapsed together for 2015 for confidentiality reasons

Background Notes

Background Notes 

Gross Value Added at Constant Basic Prices Nace Rev 2  

This release provides gross value added at current basic prices and constant basic prices (chain linked and referenced to 2014) for the economy divided into two sectors, namely

(a) the economic sectors dominated by Foreign-owned Multi National Enterprises and
(b) all other remaining sectors.

It also provides data concerning the composition of the Foreign-owned multinational dominated sector.

Gross value added at basic prices is measured as the difference between output at basic prices and intermediate consumption at purchaser's prices

The sectoral data underlying the aggregates in the release are the same as those used for National Income & Expenditure (NIE 2015) Tables 4, which gives a breakdown of the economy by five principal economic sectors (1. Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing, 2. Industry, 3. Distribution, Transport Software & Communications, 4. Public administration & defence, and 5. Other Services) and NIE Table 22 which illustrates a 37 sector breakdown of the Irish economy. The valuation used in Table 22 is “constant basic prices”. The valuation is at “constant factor cost” in Table 4.

National accounts are compiled in the EU according to the European System of National and Regional Accounts (ESA) framework. In 2014, the new ESA 2010 framework replaced the ESA 95 version and all EU member states were required to adopt ESA 2010 by September 2014.  ESA 2010 is the European version of the current UN mandated international standards for national accounts statistics, the System of National Accounts (SNA) 2008.  The results for all years in this release are published on an ESA 2010 basis.

Nace Classification 

In compliance with EU regulations the contents of the sectors in this release conform to the Nace Rev. 2 system which corresponds with the UN International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC Rev 4).

In table 3, the following is the correspondence with the relevant NIE and Nace Rev. 2 sectors:     

NIE Sectors

Nace 2 Sections

MNE dominated
(Nace codes)

(Nace codes)

Agriculture, forestry and fishing  

Section A




Sections B to F

18.2, 26, 27
and 32.5

28-32.4 and

Distribution, transport, software & communications  

Sections G to J



Public Administration and Defence

Section O



Other Services

Sections K to N
and P to U


64-82 and 85-99


For further information on the Nace Rev. 2 classification of industrial activity, visit the CSO website:

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