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Industrial Production & Turnover

October 2018 (Provisional) September 2018 (Final)

Seasonally Adjusted Manufacturing Industries
(Base Year 2015 = 100)
Production IndexTurnover Index
October 2018109.0108.0
September 2018109.2109.9
October 2017103.9104.0
Monthly % change-0.2-1.8
Annual % change4.93.8
May 2018 - July 201898.7102.3
Aug 2018 - Oct 2018108.2108.6
% change9.76.2

Industrial Production decreased by 0.2% in October 2018

Figure 1 Manufacturing Industries Seasonally Adjusted Jul 2016 - Oct 2018
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Production for Manufacturing Industries for October 2018 was 0.2% lower than in September 2018 (see above and table 1). On an annual basis production for October 2018 was 4.9% higher than in October 2017. Industrial production for Manufacturing Industries for the three months August 2018 to October 2018 was 9.7% higher than in the preceding three month period (see above and tables 3a to 3c). 

The “Modern” Sector showed a monthly increase in production of 2.6% in October 2018 and an annual increase of 2.8% when compared with October 2017. There was a monthly increase of 7.0% in the “Traditional” Sector for October 2018 and an annual increase of 12.5% compared with October 2017 (see table 2).

Turnover decreased by 1.8% for Manufacturing Industries in October 2018 when compared with September 2018 (see above and tables 5a to 5c).  On an annual basis turnover increased by 3.8% when compared with October 2017.

Unadjusted indices are available on our website

Introduction of Base 2015 series

The Industrial Production & Turnover indices have been compiled with reference to base year 2015=100. The new series has been calculated using updated weights from the Census of Industrial Production 2015 and the rebased Wholesale Price Index 2015 = 100 (See Background Notes).  The revised series are available on StatBank.