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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Fish Landings


Tonnes (Live weight equivalent)
YearIrish Vessels in Ireland Irish Vessels in Foreign PortsForeign Vessels in Ireland

Fish Landings by Irish Vessels up 3.2% in 2016

Figure 1 Fish Landings in Ireland 2007 - 2016
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Landings by Irish trawlers increased by 3.2% from 234,028 tonnes in 2015 to 241,553 tonnes in 2016. Landings by Irish vessels in Ireland were higher by 1.7% or 3,426 tonnes. Landings by Irish vessels in foreign ports increased by 13.8% or 4,099 tonnes (see Table 1A). Landings by foreign vessels in Ireland decreased by 27.6% or 25,926 tonnes (see Table 2).

The highest level of landings by Irish vessels in Ireland during 2007-2016 was in 2012 when 249,205 tonnes were landed (see Figure 1). The highest level of landings by Irish vessels in foreign ports during the same period was in 2010 when 153,440 tonnes were landed. Almost half of this (73,535 tonnes) was boarfish (see Table 3B).

In 2016 similar amounts were landed by Irish vessels in the Faroe Islands (8,304 tonnes), Norway (8,312 tonnes) and the United Kingdom (7,494 tonnes).

In 2016 the species for which the largest quantities landed by Irish vessels in Ireland were Atlantic Mackerel (64,838 tonnes), Horse Mackerel (26,068 tonnes) and Blue Whiting (21,882 tonnes). In value terms, Table 3D shows that Lobster Norway (€62 million) and Atlantic Mackerel (€41 million) were the most important species.

The median prices per tonne for landings by Irish vessels in Ireland is given in Table 3G.  Lobster, Sole and Turbot obtained the highest prices.  The median price per tonne of Lobster Norway in 2016 was €6,761.  In contrast species with much higher tonnages, like Atlantic Mackerel, obtained lower prices.

Killybegs was the most important port for Irish landings in 2016 accounting for just over half (50.8%) of all landings by Irish vessels (see Table 4A). Killybegs (48.4%) and Castletownbere (37.6%) were the ports with the highest tonnages landed by foreign vessels in Ireland (see Table 4B).

The West of Scotland and Rockall accounted for 31.9% of catch tonnages by Irish vessels that were landed in Ireland. The Celtic Sea was next with 17.5% (see Table 6A).

In terms of tonnes landed the busiest months are January to March and October to November.  In 2016 almost one-quarter (23%) of the catch landed by Irish vessels was in February (see Table 9A).  There was greater variability at species level e.g. 57% of landings by Irish vessels of Horse Mackerel in 2016 took place in January (see Table 9B).