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Material Flow Accounts


Table A: Domestic Material Consumption
million tonnes
Metallic Minerals6.
Non-Metallic Minerals38.533.535.234.035.2
Fossil Fuels16.813.319.616.616.3
Other Products0.
Domestic Material Consumption99.591.4100.996.897.9

1.1% Increase in Domestic Material Consumption in 2015

Figure 1:Domestic Material Consumption
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Domestic Material Consumption was estimated at 97.9 million tonnes in 2015 which was 1.1% or 1.1 million tonnes higher than in 2014 (see Table A). Underlying this change was an increase of 1.8 million tonnes in the extraction of Non-Metallic Minerals which was partially offset by an increase of 900,000 tonnes in exports of Non-Metallic Minerals (see Table 1).

Trade Imports was around double the level of Trade Exports during the 2000-2015 period (See Figure 2). Imports increased from 36.4 million tonnes in 2014 to 39.1 million tonnes in 2015. The largest category of imports in 2015 was Fossil Fuels at 16.1 million tonnes which was an increase of 1.4 million tonnes on 2014 (see Table 1).

Exports increased from 16.7 million tonnes in 2014 to 18.5 million tonnes in 2015. This was mainly due to the increase of 900,000 tonnes in Non-Metallic Minerals exports and an increase of 600,000 tonnes in Fossil Fuels exports (see Table 1).