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Survey Information

Survey Name:

Monthly Unemployment.

Business Area:

Labour Market, Labour Market and Demography.

Survey Purpose:

To provide a timely measure of monthly unemployment estimates using the Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS).

While the CSO has historically produced a seasonally adjusted Standardised Unemployment Rate (SUR) which was published in the Live Register monthly release, the CSO believes that the inclusion of this SUR estimate in the Live Register release led to confusion for users as the Live Register is not a measure of unemployment.

The CSO therefore began the publication of a new official Monthly Unemployment release in June 2015. This new release includes statistics that are the definitive measure of Monthly Unemployment and replace the SUR. The release contains a new series of both monthly unemployment rates and monthly unemployment volumes and adheres to international practice.

Legislative Basis:

Not applicable.



Target Population:

All persons usually resident in private households in the state.

Sampling Frame:

Collection of listed dwelling units enumeration books maintained by CSO interviewers in the context of the QNHS.

Survey Size:

Design sample of 26,000 households collected continuously across each quarter.

Principal Variables Collected:

Variables which are used from the QNHS to facilitate the production of monthly estimates include age, gender and ILO status.

Principal External Users:

Government, Business, Economists, Policy makers, Eurostat, National media – journalists etc.

Contact Points:

Business Area Specialists:

Catalina Gonzalez
Martina O'Callaghan
Sabrina Bowen

The business specialists above can be contacted by e-mail using their firstname.lastname@cso.ie

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